The Amnesiac Asylee
by Sujash Purna

by Sujash Purna

A flight for forgetting

inside a sleight of hand, a tupelo

silhouette, the gray canyons

in mud gowns, enameled forsythia.

A polaroid taking a photo

of abandonment as if a family tree

made of lost people.

I am their child, the Dravidian,

and the dead claim me

as their child, but I grew wings

wide enough to cover my body

inside a sleight of hand, inside

a blurred silhouette, I can hide

well, into my flight of forgetting

I am as faithful as

a boomerang—

I’ll deflect my enemies

just to come back

and embrace them.

They say I am the love child

of despair and elation,

never wholly belonging to one.

A sky refugee, I keep flying,

knowing no land is my home.

I nestle inside,

inside a sleight of hand, inside

a blurred silhouette I reside.