Borderlands: North and South

Inside the Shanty Chateau by Kevin Cyr

Outside the Shanty Chateau by Kevin Cyr

Welcome to volume 3 of Résonance. Much of what you’ll read in this issue is shaped by the theme of Borderlands: North and South. For more contextual information, click here for an introduction by theme-issue co-editors Kristin Sánchez Carter and Steven Riel.


Borderlands: North and South - Introductions
Steven Riel & Kristin Sánchez Carter


On the Periphery: An Interview with Artist Kevin Cyr
Erica Vermette & Kevin Cyr


Night Mere
Jim Bishop

Jim Bishop

My Mother Played in a Mortuary
Julie Cyr

The Year My Grandfather Didn't Speak
Julie Cyr

Curling, Before
Gabriella Brand

The Amnesiac Asylee
Sujash Purna

Those Delicate Things
Fernando Pérez

Grace Undercover
Fabrice B. Poussin

Not Far From Us
Juan M. Pérez

Boudreaux Reads the Dao
R. Paul Cooper

Rêve familier 2000
Bruce Robinson

Champ pastoral
Bruce Robinson

Luna llena sobre la frontera / Full Moon Over the Border

Rafael Jesús González Prof.

Kate Pashby

Luis Lopez-Maldonado

Grènn èk bourjon / Seeds and Buds
Nathan Wendte

Taxonomy of the Border I
Erin Murphy

Taxonomy of the Border II
Erin Murphy

Instantané Tour De France, 20 Juli 2019
Gerard Sarnat MD

Brooklyn's Gerardo Valjean
Gerard Sarnat MD


Coming Down
Denis Ledoux

The House at 12 Washington Street
Denise R. Larson

Creative Non-fiction
Ma Famille en Louisiane

Jérôme Pilette

Songs of Silence and the Bellowing Elders
Catherine Rivard

Sally J. Bellerose

L'arriète-plan to my childhood memoir, Growing Up French
Denis Ledoux


Dorianne Laux, Only As the Day is Long, New and Selected Poems (Poetry)
Review by Abby Paige

Dorianne Laux and Joseph Millar, Duet (Poetry)
Review by Jeri Theriault

Kerri Arsenault, Mill Town: Reckoning with What Remains (Non-fiction/Memoir)
Review by David Vermette

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