Steven Riel

Steven Riel is the author of two full-length collections of poetry (Edgemere and Fellow Odd Fellow), as well as three chapbooks, the most recent being Postcard from P-town, which was published as runner-up for the inaugural Robin Becker Chapbook Prize. His poems have appeared in several anthologies and numerous periodicals. He received an MFA in Poetry from New England College.

General editor

Susan Pinette

Susan Pinette is an Associate Professor of Modern Languages and Literatures and Director of Franco American Programs at The University of Maine. She was born and raised in Maine. She received her doctorate in French at the University of California, Irvine. Her research examines contemporary Franco American literature, where she shows its significance to the broader arenas of North American Francophone communities and American studies.

Arts editor

Erica Vermette

Erica Vermette is a Boston-area visual artist, designer and writer of Filipino and Franco-American heritage. She is a graduate of the School of the Museum of Fine Arts. Her work has been featured in the dual show CROSSROADS, as well as various other regional shows. She currently also serves on the board of the Rockland, MA-based 4th Floor Artists.

Creative non-fiction editor

Laurie Graves

Laurie Meunier Graves writes essays and fiction from her home in the Maine hinterlands. For seven years, she and her husband, Clif, published and edited Wolf Moon Journal: A Maine Magazine of Art and Opinion. She has a blog called Notes from the Hinterland, featuring posts about nature, rural life, books, food, and people. She is the author of Maya and the Book of Everything, Library Lost, Out of Time, Of Time and Magic, and The Dog Angel. 

Drama and Reviews editor

Abby Paige

Abby Paige is a Vermont writer and performer whose solo shows, Piecework: When We Were French and Les filles du QUOI?, honor the Franco-American presence in northern New England. Her poetry chapbooks are Clean Margins (Winner, Harbor Review Editors Prize, 2020) and Other Brief Discourses (above/ground press, 2013). She holds an MFA from the Bennington Writing Seminars, a BA from Vassar College, and she is a former Fulbright scholar.

Fiction editor

Jane Martin

Jane E. Martin earned an M.A. in dramatic literature from Tufts University and an MFA in creative writing from the University of Michigan. She was a Fulbright scholar at McGill University in Montréal. Her work has appeared in The Southern Review, Michigan Quarterly Review, The Massachusetts Review, and other journals.

Graphic fiction editor


Haitian Creole editor


Louisiana Creole co-editor

Jonathan Mayers

Jonathan Mayers, konné osit konm “radbwa faroush,” té né é èlvé a Istrouma (Baton-Rouj en Lalwizyàn). Li lartis vijwèl, lékrivin, é laktivis kilchirèl ki sèrvi kouri-vini, parlé par sô zansèt-yé, dan sô lar, poézi, é lékrichi. Famiy a sô popa sòr Lapwint-Koupé, Nouvèl-Òléan, é dòt parwas Larivyè. Li fondé Latannyèrizm, in stil lar vijwèl familyè mélé avék langaj é plas fizik. Mayers, tròziyèm Poèt Loréya a Baton-Rouj-la, çé komisè lèkspozisyon a Mythologies Louisianaises é li reprézenté par lagaldri Arthur Roger dan Lavil.

Jonathan Mayers, connaît aussi comme « rat de bois farouche », était né et élevé a Istrouma (Bâton-Rouge en Louisiane). Il est artiste visuel, écrivain, et activiste culturel qui use kouri-vini (créole louisianais), parlé par ses ancêtres, dans son art, poésie, et écriture. La famille de son papa vient de la Pointe Coupée, de la Nouvelle-Orléans, et des autres paroisses de la Rivière. Il a fondé Latannièrisme, un style d’art visuel familier mélangé avec des langues et des endroits physiques. Mayers, le troisième Poèt lauréate de Bâton-Rouge, est le commissaire d’exposition de Mythologies Louisianaises et il est représenté par la gallérie Arthur Roger dan Nouvelle-Orléans.

Jonathan Mayers, also known as radbwa faroush, was born and raised in Istrouma (Baton Rouge). He’s a visual artist, writer, and cultural activist who uses Kouri-Vini (Louisiana Creole), spoken by his ancestors, in his art, poetry, and writing. His father’s family is from Pointe Coupée, New Orleans, and other River Parishes. Mayers founded Latannyèrizm, a style of colloquial visual art that weaves regional language and physical place. Mayers, the third Baton Rouge Poet Laureate, is the curator of Mythologies Louisianaises and is represented by Arthur Roger Gallery in New Orleans.

Louisiana Creole co-editor

Robin White

Robin White is an associate professor of French and English at Nicholls State University in Thibodaux, Louisiana. She is currently working on a scholarly co-translation of an 1848 novel, Amitié et dévouement, ou Trois Mois à la Louisiane, by a French writer, Camille LeBrun; as this novel looks at of race and identity in Louisiana, it is an encapsulation of her research interests. She earned a doctorate from Louisiana State University in French Studies. Robin also studies travel narratives, and lives in New Orleans where there is never a dull moment.

Poetry editor


Translations editor


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